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• Fits existing Watco drains*
• Eliminates labor required to remove
  and replace the drain.
• Eliminates the possibility of cross-threading
  or damaging the tub when replacing the drain.
• Eliminates possibility of drain fitting moving
  out of line due to being stressed during install.
  (can require cutting open sheetrock to repair)
• Adapter bar to convert one-or two-hole
  overflow plate to an Innovator®.

• Available in multiple finishes
• Innovator and One-Hole overflow plate
• Push Pull or Foot Actuated configurations
Quickly Change Bathtub
Finish On Overflow and
Bathtub Drain!

Want a quick way to change the look of your bathtub finishes? Replace with a Watco QuickTrim® Kit. The QuickTrim® snaps
right into the existing drain with no mess!

The QuickTrim® comes with a matching bathtub stopper and Innovator® snap-on overflow plate.

It’s that Simple! Purchase a Watco QuickTrim® Kit anytime you decide to change the look of your bathtub drain, stopper and overflow.

* Will fit existing Watco drains with cross-bars.
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Remove the existing stopper, leaving the drain in the bathtub. Determined by the drain, place either the thin or thick “O” ring on the ridge of the drain for a “snug fit” and Place the supplied QuickTrim® drain body (Figure 1) over the old drain.

Insert New Bathtub Stopper! The QuickTrim bathtub drain and bathtub stopper, with its bright new finish is now securely in place (Figure 2) .

Convert existing 1-hole and 2-hole overflow plates to the Innovator® Snap-on Overflow Plate! Remove existing overflow plate. Secure adapter bar with screws and retainer star nut (behind adapter) to overflow elbow (Figure 3).

Snap the Innovator® overflow plate onto the retainer ring, making sure the opening on the overflow plate is facing down towards the tub (Figure 4).

It’s That Simple!
The QuickTrim® Kit including bathtub stopper and Innovator® overflow is now securely in place.


CARE OF PRODUCT FINISH: Do not use abrasive or caustic cleaning agents, as they may discolor or permanently damage the finish of the product.
Cleaning should be done using warm soapy water, applied with a clean soft cloth and dried with a clean soft cloth. DO NOT USE OIL-BASED PUTTY PRODUCTS:
Watco does not recommend and does not warranty this product when oil/petroleum based plumber’s putty is used when installing this product.

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